Blog Series – Philadelphia Social Security Disability Attorneys Discuss Avoiding Unsuccessful Social Security Disability Claims: Don’t Set up a Bad Medical Record -

The Philadelphia Social Security Disability attorney, Mike Silver, Esquire, of Silver & Silver has over 30 years experience helping disabled individuals obtain the disability benefits to which they are entitled. Although the Social Security Disability process can be complex and intimidating to an injured individual, Mike Silver and his team of disability lawyers have a […]

Philadelphia Disability Attorneys Report on Statistics You Should Know -

Most people assume they will be physically able to work until they qualify for retirement benefits. They never consider that a disability might prevent them from earning an income. In fact, the Council for Disability Awareness reports that 60 percent of people think they only have a 2 percent chance of becoming disabled. These people […]

Philadelphia Social Security Disability Attorneys Discuss Recently Expanded Compassionate Allowances Initiative -

The Compassionate Allowances Initiative of the Social Security program was developed to expedite the identification of disabled individuals who qualify to receive Social Security Disability benefits. The program is meant to fast-track Disability benefit decisions so that people with the most serious disabilities receive their benefits quickly, instead of taking months or sometimes years. The […]